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January 10, 2007


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I’m starting to think about designing my garden for next year. Last year I had a nifty oval design that I was going to implement but it never came about–I just didn’t have the energy to be that creative. I’ve got some nice beds still set from last year and I hate the thought of moving them but I will probably have to do it. They’re not permanent. I don’t have them built in or anything–it was just such a nice garden last year.

We’ve had a lot more rain this winter than we did last year. In fact I am already bemoaning the fact that I didn’t get my Fall garden planted at all. I’m missing all the greens, December broccoli, and other tasty things from the garden that I had planned on planting. The only really good news is that on the porch I have a pot of Italian Flat Leaf parsley that has somehow survived the many nights we’ve had below freezing. I used some of it in a recipie the other night. I could tell at least that it was there.

One thing I planned for but didn’t get to do last year was a sitting area in the garden. I bought a pump for a pond and planned some trellises for cukes or morning glories but I just ran out of time. I hope I can get some of that done this year. I am actually going to start turning the thing over toward the end of the month–Lord willing and weather permitting. I’ve got some green manure seeds I am going to put out and I’ve got some ground cover for my rows. I hope it comes up this year. That’s part of my weedless plan–that and the remnants of a giant pile of mulch I got from the county last year!

It’s coming along nicely, in my head. I’ll post some more when I get it down on paper.



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