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March 6, 2007

OO…search terms

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Every so often I like to check out what search terms brought people to this little gardening blog of mine. Yesterday it was white dwarf clover and blister bugs.

White Dwarf Clover
I use the clover as a cover for my pathways. It wears pretty well and keeps the grass off of the edges of my beds. (I use a raised bed format for the garden–about four feet wide). Aside from its good soil building properties–nitrogen fixing and organic matter–its also very short so even if it does go crazy and get up under the zucchini its not that big of a deal. I would rather have that than sand burrs or grass any day of the week.

Blister Bugs

These are creepy little things. Neem works pretty good in combination with hot pepper wax. Thats all I use as far as chemicals. I also use mixed plantings of garlic, onions, marigolds, and pretty well any other flower I can get to grow that will drive them off. Picking them works well too. I’ve found that if its just too icky to pick with your fingers, take your little gardening snips and snip them in two. That works just as well. And it works really well with things like Horn Worms.

A Word About Green Manure
I finally got my Mammoth clover out into the garden about a week ago. We’ve had some frost this week but I think we’re about at the end of it. I don’t know if that will hurt it or not. I guess I’ll find out pretty soon. Either way I’m going to have to start thinking seriously about planting some lettuce and other early crops because I am so sick of WalMart produce that it nauseates me to think about it. Even the bananas have been bad at times.


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