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March 27, 2007

That which we must do

Filed under: Tools — Josh @ 4:31 pm

I did that thing that organic gardeners must do unless they own a team of mules and a plow–I bought a tiller. I had a little mantis-like cultivator, but I think I killed it turning my beds this year. It’s a real shame too because that was a pretty good little tiller. This other one is a big self-propelled monster I am going to use to bust up a BIG patch of ground ‘down back ‘o the place’. For those of you who aren’t from the mid-west that means a spot toward the rear of your lot.

Plus it’ll come in handy in the house garden as well. I’m looking forward to using the thing, even though we’ve got rain today (of all days). But I’m not going to complain because we’ve had so little rain for so long.

We put out about 600 onions this weekend. Plus I planted lettuce (loose leaf and romaines mostly. No iceberg or real head lettuce) in among one bed of onions. (A bed in my garden is 25′ long and 4′ wide.) There were two beds total so I’ll probably put carrots in the other one.

I also had to buy a new pair of work boots. I was tired of lacing and unlacing to go out and in the house so I bought a pair of Justin steel toe ropers. Probably the most comfortable boots I have ever put on my feet.

And the mammoth red clover is coming up pretty well. I don’t know if it will actually help the garden but we shall see…


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