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July 10, 2007

OO: Scythe Supply

Filed under: Tools — Josh @ 8:22 pm

This is just what I needed to find today. Why didn’t I look this up earlier? I think if I ever have to replace the scythe I have I’m going to get one of these.


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  1. I have two scythes, one for heavy weeds, one for grass, and they are
    terrific. Quiet. No gas fumes. No weed-whacker grass splatter all
    over me, and faster than a weed-whacker.

    Best sources for scythes & accessories:
    1. The Scythe Connection, run by
    Peter Vido. He is the guy who wrote “The Scythe Must Dance” addendum
    to David Tressemer’s “The Scythe Book.” I bought one of their 30-inch
    grass blades this spring. Very sweet tool in the grass. Have to be a
    bit careful in the thistle-infested pasture I am trying to clear; the
    very thin edge of the blade has received a few nasty nicks from their
    tough stems. Working with Peter to buy one of his scythes is a little
    different than your usual mail-order catalog. He talks with each
    customer (in my case several times, and he’s quite a talker) to make
    sure he understands what scythe blade will serve your needs best. But
    he doesn’t have a phone on his property, so it’s kind of hard to get
    back in touch if you happen to be out when he calls you. Still, he was
    really a pleasure to deal with.
    2. Scythe Supply Co., formerly run by
    Elliot Fisher. I bought one of their ditch outfits about 5 years ago.
    Really like it for cleaning up brambles and small mulberry saplings that
    spring up all along the sides of my barn. It will take a lot of
    punishment without damage; if I am careful and take a very slicing cut,
    I can take out mulberry saplings larger than my thumb. Does very nicely
    in clover and flat-bladed grasses like fescue, also. But the thicker
    blade does not seem to do well in some of the thin, hair-like grass that
    grows in my yard.
    3. The Marugg Company
    I have not tried any of their products yet, although I really like the
    looks of their bent hickory snath.

    Comment by Mark Schreiber — July 30, 2007 @ 9:35 pm

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