The Organic Oklahoman

About the OO


You know, Organic Oklahoman. Thats me.

It started out simple enough. An idea one summer that I could grow fresh vegetables and actually feed them to my family without worrying about poisoning them. And you know what?

It worked.

Mixed beds, marigolds, onions and carrots, tomatoes, garlic and basil–it all works together. Bugs eat bugs, fire ants eat–well just about anything but bean beatle larvae too!

All the vegetables we can eat without a spot of spray or artificial fertilizer.

Just compost, poop, and a whole lot of leaves.

Well and work. Lots of work.

So I thought in my spare time when I’m not hunting grasshoppers, blister bugs and other baddies I’d write some of it down. Feel free to comment. I don’t bite much.


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