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January 21, 2008

Gardening Season Has Begun!

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I mean, unless you feel like it never ended.

It was a balmy 35 degrees yesterday and I screened out a batch of finished compost for the winter pansies and moved another compost bin to the garden area. I’ve decided this year to put my compost set up IN the garden instead of out back. This way the nutrients that leach out of the compost will at least stay in the garden. It’s been really cold lately but the spinach I planted back in September or so seems to be doing quite well. At least its not freezing.

I bought some of my start up stuff yesterday and some more seeds.

I’m tickled.


August 1, 2007

Maggoty Compost

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One of the problems I have with compost is that my kitchen, though it produces a lot of organic waste, doesn’t produce enough to make a hot batch all at once. What ends up happening, then, is that I have to layer it on one bucket at a time. It takes about a month and sometimes I end up with a teaming gob of maggots. The cure for this is to make your compost so hot that it kills the eggs or shoos off the flies. Either way…. You can also leave out meat, which I don’t. I compost everything that comes out of the kitchen.

Anyway, once I get enough ‘stuff’ stored in a bin I then move it and layer it with ‘green’ and ‘brown’ layers to get it to heat up. (This is Rodale’s terminology) It works pretty well–even though it stinks to high heaven. My tomatoes don’t seem to mind either.

As far as the maggots? Well short of lighting a whole batch at a time it may just be something you have to deal with. I have had pretty good luck encasing the batch in grass clippings–top, bottom and sides. (I remove the top layer to add more material.) It seems that a good dense layer of grass will keep the flies out for the most part especially if its green. Just be careful because green clippings which are watered into your compost bin can catch fire.

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