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January 30, 2008

It’s all in your head

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You know what I mean. That garden…its all in your head right now. Tiller, lasagna layers, or shoveled up deep wide beds (my favorite)–whatever your preferred method. It’s there, its in your head.

You just have to get dirty.

You know what vegetables you eat–figure out how to grow them. Figure out what the vegetables you eat like to eat and FEED them so they can feed you.

It’s not too bad. The first garden I mean. Give it a whirl and you’ll be surprised at how it all comes together. Seeds are made to grow. Give them what they need–good dirt and sunlight–and they’ll grow and make you some food along the way.



January 21, 2008

Gardening Season Has Begun!

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I mean, unless you feel like it never ended.

It was a balmy 35 degrees yesterday and I screened out a batch of finished compost for the winter pansies and moved another compost bin to the garden area. I’ve decided this year to put my compost set up IN the garden instead of out back. This way the nutrients that leach out of the compost will at least stay in the garden. It’s been really cold lately but the spinach I planted back in September or so seems to be doing quite well. At least its not freezing.

I bought some of my start up stuff yesterday and some more seeds.

I’m tickled.

March 29, 2007


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I realize that to some there are few things more boring that dirt and plants and things that require patience. Thats fine with me, they can eat their skunky grocery store produce and be delighted when they find some that reasonably fresh–say less than a month in storage. Personally I’d like to grow my own as much as possible.

So I am.

One of the major obstacles to this is weeds. Well, in this part of the country its grass too. This ol’ pasture grass will get into a garden bed in just days. I’ve pulled a clump of grass out of a bed and tossed it over to the side of the garden and watched over a few days as it took root again. Arrrgghhh!

Anyway, one of the best ways I know how to keep this from happening is with mulch. I’ve had the best luck with a layer several inches deep of leaves covered with hay and stomped down really well. I tried sowing New Zealand clover in the paths last year and found that it doesn’t hold up well to my tromping through the garden.

This year I am also going to try adding newspaper to the mix. That is supposed to go a long way towards a weedless garden. I’m all for that.


March 7, 2007

OO: search terms

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Composting Sweetgum Balls
Believe it or not, I’ve actually tried this. It seems to work best in a really hot batch but not as the primary ingredient. I use them as ‘brown’ material, but not very much. Probably adding some extra green helped out too. I screen all my compost so what happens is that after about the third or fourth time through they simply disappear. If you’re using a three bin system, be sure to mix in a little more green–grass clippings, ect.–each time you turn a batch with gumballs. This seems to help them digest a little.

February 12, 2007

Stove up

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So yesterday I got out and busted up some of my beds. I’ve got a little mini-tiller I use probably once or twice a year for cultivation so I started it up and used it to level off some of my raised beds to get them ready for green manure.

I am WAY stove up this morning. That’s Oklahoman for “sore and stiff”. That I am and it’s great. The first trip out into the garden for something other than just staring out the window at it was a good one. I got about two and a half beds leveled off and hope to do some more this week. If it dries out some. As it was I had to break out the muck boots–even with the mulch it was sticky stuff down in the paths.

It was cold enough I had to wear the Carhart jacket. Even so, I love this time of year. Last year I remember hauling a truck load of manure in the beginnings of a dandy ice storm. My wife thought it was nuts but the vegetables were fabulous.

Break out the motrin and sharpen the hoes. It’s gardening season!

December 6, 2006


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The dirt is cold but not dead. I saw fresh castings today so cheer up–even if its too cold for me to work in the garden the worms are still busy.

I figure I’ve put down twenty five cubic feet of ground up leaves per row in the garden plus at least 75% of a round bale of plain hay. Add garden waste and grass that grew up in the garden during the season and I think I’ve got a good leg up on the year’s dirt building.

Must find more leaves!

I’ve also got some mammoth clover for green manure this spring and some dwarf white clover for ground cover. I’m hoping to avoid weeds altogether this year…HA! Try not to laugh. This is, after all, an organic garden.

If nothing else I’m going to begin teaching the kids their botany and have them begin weeding with me.

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